What is Student Pride NL?

Student Pride NL aims to contribute to the creation of a safe study climate for all students, regardless of sexual orientation and gender identity. In this way, the foundation wishes to help students feel free to accept themselves and others. Its other aims include the promulgation of best practice and the encouragement of knowledge exchange. In addition, Student Pride NL seeks to bring professionals and students together for the purposes of professional networking. This is facilitated by our events, for example ‘Student Pride NL on Tour’


Our income consists of: the annual contributions from our partners, donations, and the proceeds from the sale of merchandise. This income is invested in the events run by Student Pride NL, including ‘Student Pride NL on Tour’, and the annual conference. Fixed costs are also paid out this income, including accounting costs and the costs of the Student Pride NL website.

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About us

Student Pride NL has 3 active board members and volunteers.

Chantal van der Putten

  • President
  • chantal@studentpride.nl

Erwin van Braam

  • Secretary
  • erwin@studentpride.nl

Gunnar Boer

  • Treasurer & Project Manager
  • gunnar@studentpride.nl

Liam Wells

  • Relationship manager
  • liam@studentpride.nl

Anne Grethe van der Hout

  • Volunteer coordinator events
  • annegrethe@studentpride.nl

Help, een open plek!

Do you wish to become a volunteer? Let us know! Send an e-mail to info@studentpride.nl and we will contact you.